The Swedish Club Philippine Pre Engagement Medical Examination (PEME)

The Swedish Club Philippine Pre Engagement Medical Examination (PEME)

PEME Agreements renewed 

Birgitta Hed
Senior Claims Manager, P&I
Team Gothenburg     

IN THE AUTUMN of 2014 it was time to again review and negotiate the PEME Agreements with the two clinics with whom we work in the Philippines. During a visit to Manila in November, the relevant clinics were audited and visits were scheduled to see some other clinics as part of the quality programme in place to safeguard the best interests of our members utilizing the facility and service provided by The Swedish Club. The medical audit was done in cooperation with our designated medical expert Nigel Griffiths of The Marine Advisory Medical & Repatriation Service.

One other clinic of particular interest was visited and in the near future we will decide if a third clinic should be included in The Swedish Club’s PEME (Pre Engagement Medical Examination) scheme in Manila, or whether it is more justified to add a clinic in Cebu or Iloilo which may be more convenient to many seafarers. 

Agreements now in place valid up to 31 December 2016

We are pleased to advise that the PEME scheme will continue as before and that we were able to agree on the price of the PEME being kept at the same level. Some amendments of medical importance were also agreed and the Designated Medical Examiner’s Handbook setting out the requirements and conditions for compliance established by The Swedish Club has been revised to reflect that position. The Agreements now in place are valid up to 31 December 2016.

Significant increase in the number and value of claims related to illness a major concern 

As a Club we have seen a significant increase in the number and value of claims related to illness, which is of major concern. It is a concern and trend that we share with many Clubs in the International Group (IG) and we are currently looking into the possible reasons behind the relevant increase. Our Loss Prevention Department is needless to say also involved and engaged in this process. The publication P&I Claims Analysis 2016 refers, among other topics, to the noted increase relating to illness and injury claims on a worldwide basis. 

In this process we are strongly recommending our members to utilize the PEME scheme currently available in Manila, but also to carefully go through the PEME programme used in other parts of the world and further discuss the potentially increasing problem with the local manning agents or crew managers  involved in recommending certain clinics.

One slightly controversial but important question that needs to be addressed is whether some manning agents are reluctant to send all potential seafarers for an enhanced PEME, or whether they in their own interest send some crew members that they suspect may not pass an enhanced PEME to a different and less rigorous clinic applying a more basic PEME.   

We are presently unable to make medical recommendations out of the Philippines since to do so we would need to have a quality programme in place like the one we presently have in Manila. To simply recommend clinics on the word of a correspondent or manning agent is not something we are prepared to do. 


The Swedish Club Philippine Pre Engagement Medical Examination (PEME), has been available to our members employing Philippine crew members since 1 January 2011.

PEME fact sheetAgreements have been signed with two clinics in Manila accredited to perform the enhanced PEME as a service available only to The Swedish Club’s members.
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Contact details to the respective clinic, are as follows:

Halcyon Marine Healthcare Systems

10th, 14th and 19th Floors, Trafalgar Plaza,
105 H.V. Dela Costa St.
Salcedo Village, Makati City 1227

Tel +63 2 864 0205
Fax +63 2 864 0262

Inquiries may be directed to the following:

Dr Glennda E. Canlas, Medical Director

Dr Judy R. Halago, Medical Operations Manager

Contact Person for Manning Agents:
Dr Judy R. Halago - contact details as above
Ms Khristine Luna

Health Metrics

1157 D, Chino Roces Ave.,
Brgy San Antonio
Makati City

Tel +63 2 795 1234
Fax: +63 2 2 795 1237

Inquiries may be directed to the following:

Dr Antonio Roberto Abaya, Medical Director

Dr Roselle Roa

Contact Person for Manning Agents:
Mr Mark Reden Llanera

PEME Guidance for Clubs.pdf

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