Swedish Club’s Operations Review

Swedish Club’s Operations Review

Interactive root cause analyses (IRCA) has now been established and is crucial in identifying root causes

Our hands-on loss prevention is effective at identifying problems and recurring issues that we believe could and should be addressed in a more proactive manner. It is important to take our loss prevention one-step further and we believe this can only be achieved by working even closer with our members.

SCORE will review the shipowner´s/manager´s processes and identify whether there is an efficient safety culture in place. This will be done in cooperation with the member, as it is essential that the suggested improvements are tailored to the specific underlying needs.

The review will include:

  • Reviewing the claim statistics
  • Benchmarking against similar fleets
  • Visiting the office and vessels
  • Verifying that the SMS has been implemented correctly both onboard and in the office
  • Reviewing the loss prevention programme
  • Has the safety culture and goals been implemented within the organisation
  • Has the shipowner/manager implemented measures that address the identified problems

The purpose of SCORE is to identify risk areas, where preventive measures need to be improved or implemented to minimise risks.

We strongly believe that a shipowner/manager with a dedicated organisation towards safety can prevent most casualties. This can be achieved by a proactive safety culture instead of a reactive one.

Identifying risks and implementing preventive measures will be beneficial mainly for the shipowner/manager, as the overall cost of a casualty most of the times will be far in excess of what any insurance policies will cover.

Insurance will protect a shipowner/manager against some financial losses but it cannot protect against all other negative effects such as loss of reputation, loss of business, negative publicity, injuries, loss of life. This is what we want to help prevent. 

Our goal is to assist the shipowner/manager in reducing the numbers of casualties. Minimising the risk of a serious casualty and to reduce the claim frequency.

After a company has successfully completed SCORE, it will receive a certificate that is valid for five years. This will include an intermediate review and if necessary an annual review.

To be able to maintain a professional service there will be a nominal fee.

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