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Göteborg: 6 March 2017

Congestions in soybean exports from Brazilian ports due to heavy rainfalls

Parts of the road where soybean is transported to ports, has been severely damaged by torrential rainfalls. As at 6 March 2017, the trucks that were stuck on the soutbound way of the BR-163 were released and traffic towards Mato Grosso is said to be flowing freely. On the opposite direction, trucks heading northbound are slowing advancing on the "stop and go" system whereby the traffic flow in one direction is alternated to another depending on the number of vehicles each way.

The congestion at highway BR-163 has particularly impacted the northern ports of Santarém and Vila do Conde/Barcarena/Belém. However, because vessels are being diverted to the southern ports to relief the stocks of the producers, it is expected that the average waiting time at the main ports will sensibly increase in the next few weeks to levels slightly beyond what is normally expected at this time of the year, but the situation will probably be resolved within the Brazilian summer.

There are practical measures that vessels and operators can take to cope with the current situation and safeguard the Owners’ interest:

  • Vessels arriving at congested ports must carefully plan taking of provisions, fresh water and fuel and be prepared to either wait at anchor for prolonged periods or else be diverted to far away ports.
  • The Owners should consider engaging experienced surveyors to check the temperature and moisture content of the grain at regular intervals to ensure they meet the cargo quality parameters shown in the cargo document.
  • Since Brazil is currently in the rain season, the crew must increase the weather lookout and ensure that loading equipment is removed from within the cargo holds and hatch-covers closed on a timely fashion to avoid cargo being affected by flash rainfalls which are particularly common at the ports of the Northern Arc.

Read more about this issue in the attached document, provided by Representacoes Proinde Ltda.

Congestions in soybean exports from Brazilian ports due to heavy rainfalls.pdf

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