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Göteborg: 7 July 2017

Monthly Web News June 2017

In June 2017 we reported the following:

Member Alerts

Continued piracy attacks in the Gulf of Aden
12 June - Recent attacks against merchant shipping in the Gulf of Aden and Bab-el-Mandeb have highlighted that there are still risks associated with transits through these waters.

10 steps to crisis media management
12 June - In connection to The Swedish Club's Emergency Response Training programme and in co-operation with Dustin Eno, COO & Crisis Response Manager at Navigate Response, we have clarified issues that have to be addressed. 

Argentina - Coast Guard inspections in regards to ballast water
16 June - The inspections of foreign vessels in relation to ballast water whilst anchored or awaiting pilots at Zona Comun (anchorage area located off La Plata Port) will be increased. 

Statutory alert: Port state control – special inspection campaign in China
21 June - The China Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) has announced a special inspection campaign for bulk carriers of 10,000 GT or more from 15 June 2017 to 31 December 2017.

US Freight Tax - more than it says on the tin
21 June - Many Members may not be aware that they must file a US tax return for any year in which one of their vessels earns hire from carrying cargo to or from the United States.

South African Maritime Safety Authority Marine Notice 13 of 2017
28 June - The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) has issued a Marine Notice no. 13 of 2017 relating to all vessels requiring a place of refuge in South Africa for repairs following an incident on board.

Club News

Shipping Podcast: The impact of digital transformation
12 June - In the latest episode you can hear thoughts on how the digital transformation will have an impact on the shipping industry.

The Swedish Club's 145th Anniversary and how it all began
21 June - Watch the film on The Swedish Club's history

Anatomy of an Accident'Anatomy of an Accident' - a new publication from The Swedish Club
28 June - 'Anatomy of an Accident' demonstrates how easily an incident can escalate, the various parties and processes involved in dealing with an emergency situation, and the complicated interplay between the various bodies involved in bringing an incident to a resolution.

Out and About

Perfect weather for the Gothenburg half marathon 2017
12 June - Participating in the Gothenburg half marathon has become an appreciated tradition for the Club since 2007 and it always ends with dinner at The Rose Café. This year, the ladies record was broken by Fancy Chemutai, from Kenya, who crossed the finish line after 67:58, three seconds below last years result.

The Swedish Club's 145th AGM - a very special occasion
22 June - We are honoured that so many of our members and business partners celebrated The Swedish Club's 145th Anniversary at this year's AGM, a very special occasion for us all. Thank you to all guests who participated and shared this historical moment with the Club.

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