Göteborg: 23 March 2017

PERU's coastal region affected by mud/landslides and flooding

Road disruptions due to heavy rainfalls will be affecting outgoing containerised cargoes, especially agricultural and fish products loading at the ports of Paita and Salaverry.

Special care should also be taken for bulk cargoes carrying soy, maize, and fertilizers, discharging at the ports of Paita and Salaverry. Due to heavy rains and flooded roads in those areas, road access to these two ports may be difficult.

The Panamerican Highway which connects Peru’s Pacific Ocean ports, is disrupted, mainly in the northern part of the country, affecting road transportation to the ports of Huarmey, Paramonga, Chimbote, Salaverry, Paita and Talara, located in the northern parts of Peru.

A state of emergency has been declared by the government, which mainly comprises the northern parts of Peru, although the Central Highway which goes from Lima into the Andes has also been affected, along with the railroad (mineral ores from the highlands, shipped through the port of Callao) service from the Andes.

The information has been provided by our Correspondent in Peru, Overseas Service Agency S.A.

For more information please read attached document

Peru coastal region affected by mud/landslides and flooding

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