24/7 Contact & Casualty Response

Primary Contact

GOTHENBURG: +46 31 151 328

Piraeus: +30 694 453 0856

Hong Kong: +852 2598 6464

Tokyo: +81 44 222 0082 

Oslo +46 31 151 328

London +46 31 151 328

Fast response

The Swedish Club's interests are identical to the interests of members. When a new member enters the Club, a partnership is forged. The Club's entire insurance, technical and legal expertise is available to the member, on a round-the-clock basis throughout the year. This is a direct and personal, as well as professional, relationship.

Should a casualty occur, Club resources are immediately mobilised on the member's behalf. There is immediate action, free of hesitation. The Club's experts work hand-in-hand with the member, to resolve the problem and return the vessel to trading. Claims are settled directly between the Club and the member, with no involvement of third party loss adjusters.

Emergency procedures