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Donations and Sponsorships

The Swedish Sea Rescue Society

This is a non-profit association founded by some real enthusiasts in 1907. More than 100 years later the enthusiasm still remains and they are always prepared to be of assistance whenever there is a need.

Swedish Sea Rescue Society is responsible for 70 percent of all sea rescues in Sweden and receives no government funding. The Society is financed by membership fees, donations and voluntary work. 

Thanks to 2.000 volunteer crew members, rescue services are always available 24 hours a day anywhere along the Swedish coast and on the major lakes. The volunteers work as carpenters, doctors, fishermen, salesmen, plumbers, teachers and many other occupations. The sea rescue volunteers are willing to go out in any weather, at any time even during normal work hours or in the middle of the night. 

The Swedish Sea Rescue Society has more than 100 000 members.

People's Health Information Association - be a blood donor campaign

The People's Health Information Association actively works to encourage more people to donate blood.

There are about 90 Blood Centres in the country, most of them at hospitals and run by the County Councils. A few have moved out from the hospitals to make it easier to donate blood and there are blood buses, which operate in cities, country villages and visit larger companies. 


Faktum is a monthly magazine sold by homeless people. The organisation behind the magazine is focused on giving homeless, or people in similar situations, a chance to come back to society or just have money for the day. It is also a way back to start taking responsibility.

Faktum also aims at starting debates and forming an opinion regarding the homeless and their exposure in a hard, tough society.

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