STCW Manila Amendments

A guide for training providers, shipping companies and Maritime Administrations concerning the non-technical skills requirements of the STCW Manila amendments

STCW Manila Amendments

Major revisions to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (the STCW Convention), and its associated Code were adopted at a Diplomatic Conference in Manila, the Philippines, on 21-25 June 2010.

The amendments, known as “The Manila amendments to the STCW Convention and Code” entered into force on 1 January 2012 with full compliance by 1 January 2017.

The amendments aim at bringing the Convention and Code up to date with recent developments and to enable them to address issues that are anticipated to emerge in the foreseeable future.

Amongst the amendments adopted, there are a number of important changes to the Convention and Code. These changes include training in:

Resource Management and Leadership & Teamwork

Although the revised STCW focuses on training areas identified as being of significant importance for the enhancement of safety at sea, there may be confusion on how to interpret and translate the revised STCW requirements into national regulations. Issues discussed are:

• What is the difference between Resource Management training and Leadership & Teamwork training?
• How should this training be organised and structured so that intended results are achieved?
• How can we assess the results of non-technical training?
• How do we integrate the non-technical training with technical training?

In a document produced by The Swedish Club Academy we aim at providing answers to these questions.

We invite administrations, training providers and other concerned parties to read and take note of the contents of this document. We hope that the document shall assist in the understanding of human factors and lead to a successful implementation of human factors training in the maritime industry.

In February 2012, the MRM course was certified by the Maritime Department of the Swedish Transport Agency as meeting the non-technical skills requirements of the STCW Manila Amendments. 

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