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Legal update from Triton 2-2018

Redefining the role of the lawyer

One of Sweden’s largest law firms recently announced that its office in Stockholm would dissolve following a disagreement in the partnership about
the future direction of the firm.

Nothing very remarkable about that. The new managing partner of one of the offshoots, however, disclosed some interesting thoughts about the future of the legal profession: The new network economy is more than before oriented towards transparency and cooperation, and involves an increasingly complex and changing business environment. The legal advisor therefore needs to focus lesson conflicts, and focus more on transparency and cooperation. The traditional role of the lawyer as a tough contract negotiator and to subsequently deal with the residual legal dispute has come to an end. As a result, the managing partner is certain that law firms need to rethink their business models.

One other reason for changing the business model, the managing partner speculated, is technical developments, making the present ‘brainpower per hour’ mentality obsolete. Artificial Intelligence will soon be able to produce better, faster and cheaper legal output. Exactly how this all will work in the future we do
not know, save from the fact that fundamental changes in the law firms’ organisations will be required. On the assumption that the speed of change is not dependent on technology but instead on the individuals’ ability to change, large law firm with more people employed will have bigger problems to adapt to the future than small firms. An interesting proposition that can reasonably apply not only to the legal sector.


 Anders Leissner
Director, Corporate Legal & FD&D

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