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Göteborg: 9 October 2018

Yemen update: Huthi militia is holding 10 oil and commercial vessels in the port of Hodeidah

The head of the Higher Relief Committee, Abdul Raqeeb Fath, revealed that the Huthi militia is holding 10 oil and commercial vessels in the port of Hodeidah, preventing them from unloading their cargo, pointing out that some ships have been detained for nearly 6 months.

The ship, dubbed DISTYA PUSHTI, which arrived at the port on September 28, carries 10,955 tons of diesel and 9025 tons of gasoline, in addition to the ship RINA, the minister said. Arrived on October 3, carrying 5,700 tons of flour and sugar, prevented from being dumped by the coup militia.

He pointed out that the ship SINCERO, which arrived on 26 September last and carrying 15025 tons of diesel, in addition to the ship CARPE DIEM-2, which arrived on 30 September last with 19350 tons of diesel, and the vessel named PVT EAGLE, which arrived on 3 From October, carrying 7,022 tons of diesel and 1,4793 oil, was also prevented from being emptied, as well as 6 other oil and commercial vessels that had been detained during different periods of the past three months.

He pointed out that this deliberate action by the militia in conjunction with the creation of a crisis of oil derivatives and the imposition of an increase in derivatives fees amounted to 60%, and the promotion of the black market for the benefit of pro-militia traders, burdens the population in those areas and increases the humanitarian crisis in those provinces.

The minister pointed out that these actions are part of the daily activities of the Huthi militia from the detention and obstruction of oil and commercial vessels in the port, and used to starve the people and multiply the crises of citizens in those provinces.

"The humanitarian situation in these provinces has become catastrophic because of the actions of the coup militia and its creation of crises and burdening the Yemeni people.

The UN humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, Lisa Grande, called for the rapid intervention and pressure on the militia to release the ships and unload their cargo, and to allow safe passage of oil, relief and commercial vessels in the port.

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