P&I Circulars

P&I Circulars

Göteborg: 9 August 2016

US Vessel Response Plan – Alaska and Oregon update

Western Alaska

  • Alternative Planning Criteria – Alaska Response Company, LLC (ARC)
  • Aleutians Spill Control, Inc (ASCI)

South East Alaska

  • South East Alaska Petroleum Response Organization, Inc (SEAPRO)


  • Coos Bay Response Co-operative (CBRC) Western Alaska

Members are referred to P&I Circular No. 2599/2015 of 20 February 2015 informing Members that non-tank vessels in transit through Western Alaska waters en-route to or from a US port are required to follow Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) in order to fulfil federal requirements.

In order to meet APC requirements Members have, to date, been required to enrol with one of the two providers of such services in Western Alaska, namely Alaska Maritime Prevention and Response Network (AK-AMPRN) and NRC/Resolve's 1-Call Alaska.

Members are informed that a third APC provider, Alaska Response Company (ARC), has now been approved by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) covering the Western Alaska COTP Zone (including the Aleutians, Bristol Bay and Kodiak Island sub-areas) for international traffic coming either from a US port or going to a US port and/or transiting the Pacific Great Circle Route. Enrolment includes coverage under the ARC Plan in conjunction with its exclusive partner Aleutians Spill Control, Inc (ASCI). The Enrolment Agreements have been reviewed by the International Group and are acceptable.

ARC Enrolment Agreement (Non-tank Vessels)

The Enrolment Agreements have the following footers:

  • Version May 17, 2016 Part I - Required Enrolment Information
  • Version May 17, 2016 Part II – Terms & Conditions

Aleutians Spill Control, Inc (ASCI) - Oil Spill Response Agreement

Aleutian Spill Control’s Oil Spill Response Agreement has been reviewed by the International Group and conforms with the International Group’s Guidelines for US Vessel Response Plans.

The conforming Contract has the following footer:

  • Oil Spill Response Agreement Aleutians Spill Control, Inc Dated May 1, 2016


Alaska Response Company, LLC and Aleutians Spill Control, Inc's fees are contained in Schedules C and D of the Aleutians Spill Control contract.

Further information about the Alaska Response Company's APC can be found via the following link:


Availability of the ARC Plan

Members are informed that, at present, the ARC Plan only applies to non-tank vessels.

South East Alaska

Members are advised that the contract offered by South East Alaska Petroleum Response Organization, Inc (SEAPRO) is now a compliant contract. It is therefore no longer necessary for shipowners to purchase additional cover if entering into a contract with SEAPRO for their cruise ships calling at ports in South East Alaska. The conforming contract has the following footer:

SEAPRO/CLIA-NWC – Cruise Ship Contract – April 11, 2016


Members are also advised that the Coos Bay Response Co-operative (CBRC) “Umbrella” Oil Spill Contingency Plan (February 2014) has recently been reviewed by the International Group. The Plan does not contain anything that would prejudice shipowners’ P&I cover. Therefore no additional cover is required for those shipowners wishing to enrol in the Plan to cover their vessels transiting Coos Bay waters in order to comply with the oil spill contingency plan requirements for the State of Oregon.

  • The Enrolment Plan (Parts 1&2) has the following footer: 2/05/2014

Other Non-conforming Contracts

Members are reminded that some oil spill response contractors in Alaska, Oregon and Hawaii have contracts which do not conform to the IG’s Guidelines for vessel response plans. Additional insurance may therefore be required by Members trading to these areas and Members should contact their respective Club for details of the additional insurance available.

The International Group is continuing to engage with such contractors in order to seek conformity with the Guidelines to ensure that additional insurance in this respect will be unnecessary in the future.

All Clubs in the International Group of P&I Clubs have issued similar circulars.

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