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Göteborg: 8 September 2016

Argentina - Supernumeraries without visa, a high expense.

Pandi Liquidadores S.R.L., our correspondents in Argentina, has provided us with the following information.


We have recently seen an increase of supernumeraries – mainly high ranked crewmembers’ wives – arriving to Argentina without holding the necessary VISA when required. 

In such case, the carriers are subject to a fine imposed by the Migration Authorities which ranges minimum/maximum about USD 400 ~ USD 10,000 depending on the current of exchange and the local value of the gasoil as allowed to carriers. Nevertheless, these fines have been usually on the low side and did not imply significant expenditure for the Clubs and their Members. 

Nevertheless, in recent cases, the Migration Authority decided to place on board permanent custody by Coastguards, during vessel’s stay in jurisdictional waters (since the vessel arrives to roads until her outward clearance). In fact, regrettably, Migrations seems to treat supernumeraries as stowaways regarding their custody, placing two or three officers on board (we have seen up to five officers). 

The above exercise implies high expenses which shall be borne by the owners and can be estimated – for each person without visa – in the region of about USD 45 per each escort per 4-hours shift; plus the lunches to change the guard every two shifts (8 hours) whilst the vessel is at roads with a cost of about USD 950 every time they are used. 

Thereafter, as a rough example, a vessel which remains 5 days in territorial waters (three at roads and two berthed) with one supernumerary without visa could face an expense of USD 10,000 plus the corresponding fine. 

Whilst we are working to revert or minimise this situation with the Migration Authorities, it is highly recommended to Clubs’ Members to ensure that every supernumerary or other passengers on board carry the corresponding VISA, where applicable, if there is a possibility for the vessel to call Argentinean ports. 

The Nationalities which are required to hold a VISA can be consulted on the Argentinean Migrations’ webpage following this link: and the ship’s agents should be consulted in every opportunity. 


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