Göteborg: 14 June 2016

Updated - Panama canal maximum permissible draft reduction due to lack of rainfall

C.FERNIE & CO S.A, our correspondents in Panama, has provided us with the following information.


We attach the latest Advisory from the ACP which announces that effective immediately, the max allowed transit draft is now increased to 11.89m (39ft 00int) TFW until further notice. 
Aslo please find attached Advisorry ADV30-2016 informing that beginning June 27th, 2016 the max allowable drafts for vessels transiting the new set of locks will be 13.11m (43ft 00in) TFW.


Advisory to Shipping 3305_001.pdf

Update June 8th:


We attach the latest ACP Advisory announcing the max.permissable draft through the current locks returning immediately to 39ft 06 inches TFW,0.9954 also the last Month Summary which includes tentative Lock Work schedules

- Inaugural transit of a Neopanamax vessel on June 26th.
- Commercial opening is officially June 27th, 2016.
- Announced max.authorised draft 43ft 00inches TFW at 0.9954, until further notice.


Advisory to Shipping 3442_001.pdf

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