Göteborg: 23 March 2017

Loading soya beans in Uruguay, bound for China

China Uruguay flagsA Protocol of phytosanitary requirements for the export of soya beans from Uruguay to China has been signed by the corresponding Authorities of both countries.

The main points of the Protocol refer to the following aspects:

A copy of the Protocol (in English language) can be found here»

On the other hand, it has been reported that a significant number of expensive claims relating to soya beans carried from Uruguay to China have arisen during the last year 2016, likely, due to over-moisture and high temperatures previous to the cargo being loaded on board.

In order to prevent and assist in possible cargo claims at destination, Members are recommended to appoint their own surveyors to be in attendance during loading and to arrange for controls of cargo condition before loading the soya beans on board.

There are qualified local surveyors with suitable equipment to check moisture and temperature of the cargo, and expertise enough to verify the presence of insects and/or foreign materials in the beans.

The information has been provided by Chadwick Weir Navegacion S.A.

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