Göteborg: 18 July 2017

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt cut diplomatic ties with the State of Qatar

On 5 June, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain, without any apparent notice,  closed their air space and territorial waters to Qatar. Saudi Arabia also closed its land border with Qatar, Qatar’s only land border with another country. Egypt has also closed its airspace to all flights to and from Qatar. The ban against Qatar may involve other countries such as Yemen. 

A direct consequence is that ports operated by the alliance against Qatar are now blocking Qatar-flagged vessels, along with all other vessels that are heading to and coming from Qatar. In addition, DP World UAE Region extended the ban to all vessels loading or discharging cargo destined to or coming from Qatar.

Practical implications for shipping

These developments mark an unprecedented change in Middle Eastern relations, which will undoubtedly affect companies with trade routes to or from Qatar. The following direct implications are envisaged:  

Members who are trading in the area are recommended to monitor developments closely. Charterparties should be reviewed  to establish whether they include a provision which specifically addresses blockades - for example CONWARTIME 2013 refers to "blockades (whether imposed against all vessels or imposed selectively against vessels of certain flags or ownership, or against certain cargoes or crews or otherwise howsoever)". 

Entry Restrictions to All Qatar Vessels and Cargoes.pdf

Insurance cover implications

The Club would like to inform its Members that the trading ban imposed on Qatar by its neighbouring states may be considered as a blockade/unlawful trade which might have implications on the Members’ insurance cover.

Country by country summary

United Arab Emirates

Land border to Saudi Arabia (Sila border):

Abu Dhabi Ports (Port Khalifa, Musaffa Port, Mina Syed Port)

Following vessels and cargo categories are not allowed:

Abu Dhabi Petroleum Ports (Ruwais Area)

Following vessels and cargo categories are not allowed:

Port of Fujairah  

Following vessels and cargo categories are not allowed:

Jebel Ali Port, Hamriya Port, Port Rashid

The following vessels are not allowed in DP World, UAE Region port or its anchorage areas:

For other vessels (not mentioned above) going to/coming from Qatar as last/next port of call, it is advised to take advance approvals from DP World and Seaport Immigration.

Saqr Port, Ras Al Khaimah Port, RAK Maritime City, Al Jazeera Port, Al Jeer Port including offshore anchorage

Following vessels and cargo categories are not allowed:

Dubai Maritime City Authority - Dubai anchorage (or entering Dubai waters)

Following vessels and cargo categories are not allowed:

Sharjah Port including anchorage area

Following vessels and cargo categories are not allowed:

All other ports in the UAE

 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Port Authorities:

Following vessels are not allowed to call any port or terminal in Saudi Arabia:

Saudi land border to Qatar (Abu Samra):



Khasab Port (northern Oman) has agreed to issue port clearance to vessels which are having difficulties going into or coming out of Qatari ports, according to local correspondents. Members are however advised to contact their local agents to arrange the port clearance and to check availability. Please take note of the following:





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