Göteborg: 30 January 2019

China - Measures for Supervision and Management of Ship Ballast Water and Sediment

Huatai Circular PNI1902-- Measures for Supervision and Management of Ship Ballast Water and Sediment Came into Force in China from January 22th, 2019

"In order to prevent harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens introduced by ship's ballast water and sediments from causing pollution and damage to the ecological environment, human health, resources and property of Chinese waters, China officially acceded the International Convention on the Control and Management of Ballast Water and Sediments on Ships, 2004 and year 2018.

Measures for supervision and management of ship ballast water and sediment has been published by China MSA to implement the ballast water convention, which has already come into force Jan 22th, 2019. 

To help ship owners and operators understand and comply with this new regulation, we have prepared this circular to introduce the main contents of the requirements."

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