Göteborg: 2 May 2019

ICC: Gulf of Guinea piracy and how to tackle it

The May 2019 newsletter from International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) regarding commercial crime is highlighting piracy in Gulf of Guinea and new methods on how to report piracy globally.

The Swedish Club members can access the ICC newsletter 05/2019 through the SCOL website (The Swedish Club Online member area).

The latest ICC newsletter “Commercial Crime International” also includes the following topics:

Large firms are particularly vulnerable to payments fraud, says a survey by the Association of Finance Professionals.

The United Kingdom’s fragmented anti-money laundering system needs re-ordering says a Government Treasury Committee.

The European Parliament has adopted a detailed roadmap which includes calling for an EU financial police force and financial intelligence units to be set up.

Indian institutions are becoming increasingly attractive to hackers. Latest statistics from the United Kingdom show a reduction in the percentage of businesses suffering a cyber breach or attack in the last year.

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