Göteborg: 7 August 2019

Latest figures on misrepresented Bills of Lading from IMB

Analysis of the Bills of Lading (BsL) referred to International Maritime Bureau (IMB) during Q2 shows that the Iran trade accounted for over 70% of the misrepresented BsL.

The latest bulletin from IMB also presents cases where sanctioned countries have been using similar methods to disguise the origin and destination of their cargos.

The African Swine Fever in China has led to a slump in demand of feed ingredients such as soymeal.

This newsletter also reports of several cases regarding pollution, sanctions, fraud and a planned strike at one of the world’s largest shipyards.

The Swedish Club members can access the IMB Confidential Bulletin 15/2019 through the SCOL website »  (The Swedish Club Online member area).

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