Göteborg: 5 February 2020

Monthly web news: January 2020

In January 2020, we reported the following;


Part 2 - Protection & Indemnity Insurance 2020/2021
29 January - This Circular presents the explanation of reinsurence and premium structure of The Swedish Club Protection & Indemnity Insurance 2020/2021. The Swedish Club provides P&I cover for its members for each and every accident and/or occurrence up to approximately USD 6.0 billion. 

Member Alerts

MSS Case January: Lack of cooperation lead to grounding
2 January - In the Monthly Safety Scenario Case for January, a container vessel ran aground when departing the berth after loading. There was a delay and several times communication between the staff didn’t work properly.

Focus: Loss of anchor
9 January - The vessel was waiting for its berth to become available and the decision was made to anchor. The weather forecast warned of rough weather the following day.

IMO Sulphur Cap status from Suez Canal Authority
15 January - Ships passing Suez Canal cannot discharge any waste water from open loop cleaning system, whilst the use of ordinary exhaust system is allowed, according to latest information from Suez Canal Authority (SCA).

Chinese guidelines regarding air pollutant emissions
20 January - Updated requirements issued by China MSA are presented in a circular by Huatai insurance agency & consultant service Ltd.

Focus: Auxiliary engine damage
23 January - An investigation by The Swedish Club into auxiliary engine damage has revealed that the majority of all damage takes place immediately after maintenance work. The report also finds that container vessels have a significantly higher claims frequency.

New Guidelines for the Carriage of Seed Cake in Containers published
23 January - New Guidelines for the Carriage of Seed Cake in Containers have been published jointly by the CINS (the Cargo Incident Notification System) and the International Group of P&I Clubs.

Member’s advice regarding coronavirus
28 January - As per information currently available, there is no report of impacts on port operations in China due to the outbreak of coronavirus, according to the Club’s correspondent in Shanghai.

Club News

The Shipping Podcast: Mikael Laurin, Managing Director, Lean Marine
13 January - Mikael Laurin is the new managing director at Lean Marine, a company dedicated to automated-fuel saving and data analysis solutions. Hear his reflections on the Sulphur Cap in the Shipping Podcast.

The Shipping Podcast: Fran Collins, Chief Executive Officer, Red Funnel
29 January - Meet Fran Collins from the Isle of Wight ferry operator Red Funnel. She has a dual license, both a Master Mariner and a Chief Engineer, however, the life on the Bridge seems to interest her more. 


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