Göteborg: 29 June 2020

MSS Case July: Rescue boat drill injuries

The vessel was in port and the Master wanted to do a rescue boat drill as no drill had been completed since the vessel was delivered about a month earlier. It was a nice day with favourable weather, and the harbour authority had given the vessel clearance to launch and manoeuver the rescue boat in the harbour. 

The Master informed the rescue boat crew that the safety pin should be removed before the rescue boat was waterborne. He did not state at what precise height the pin should be removed but assumed the crew would remove it just before the boat was waterborne.

How should a rescue boat be properly launched, and what requirement is there to how often a rescue boat should be launched? Read the answer in the latest monthly safety scenario case.

Download the MSS case for July here»

For more Loss Prevention information, please contact: 
Joakim Enström, 
Loss Prevention Officer
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Each month the Club's Loss Prevention team issues a new safety scenario to assist members in their efforts to comply with international safety regulations and to follow best practice. 

When discussing the case please consider that the actions taken at the time made sense for all involved. Do not only judge, but also ask why you think these actions were taken and could this happen on your vessel?