Göteborg: 12 October 2020

MSS Case October: Machinery lubrication oil failure

Close up of a main engineThe vessel was at anchor, in ballast, awaiting further instructions. The weather deteriorated after seven days and the vessel´s anchor dragged. The anchor was heaved up and the vessel started to slow steam in the area.

After about 24 hours, the differential pressure alarm of the main engine duplex lubrication oil filter sounded in the ECR. The crew found aluminium and other metal inside the lubrication filter. Metal particles were also found in the main engine’s crankcase.

Read more about what happens next in the latest monthly safety scenario case.

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Joakim Enström, 
Loss Prevention Officer
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Each month the Club's Loss Prevention team issues a new safety scenario to assist members in their efforts to comply with international safety regulations and to follow best practices. 

When discussing the case, please consider that the actions taken at the time made sense for all involved. Do not only judge, but also ask why you think these actions were taken, and could this happen on your vessel?