Göteborg: 4 November 2020

MSS Case November: Contact with a crane during berthing

Ship and tug in harbourIt was evening and the vessel was berthing. It was clear skies and the wind was coming in on the vessel’s port quarter with a speed of 14 knots. The vessel was lining up for berthing starboard side with two tugs assisting in the manoeuvre. One tug made fast forward and the other on the aft port side. A crane had been positioned just in front of the vessel.

Shortly before impact, the master was informed by the officer on the bow that the bow was closing fast towards the crane. The master tried to stop bow movement by putting the thruster hard to port but contact with the crane could not be avoided.

Read more about why it is important that the pilot is communicating in the same language as the captain in the latest Monthly Safety Scenario.

Download the MSS case for November here»

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Each month the Club's Loss Prevention team issues a new safety scenario to assist members in their efforts to comply with international safety regulations and to follow best practices. 

When discussing the case, please consider that the actions taken at the time made sense for all involved. Do not only judge, but also ask why you think these actions were taken, and could this happen on your vessel?