Göteborg: 6 September 2021

MSS Case September: Broken davit wire on rescue boat


Rescue boat with crewThe vessel was lying alongside at the first port of call since it had left dry dock. The Master decided to carry out a man overboard drill, as the weather was favourable, and as the davit wire for the rescue  boat had been replaced while in dry dock, he wanted to ensure that all was in order. He told the Chief Officer to have the rescue boat ready for early afternoon.

Before going into dry dock the Chief Officer had ordered a new wire but the wire he received was of a smaller diameter than ordered. He assumed that the wire would be OK as it was just 2mm smaller than the original. After lunch the rescue boat crew proceeded to the launching area. 

The Second Officer held a briefing with the rescue boat crew and all others involved. The rescue boat crew included the Second Officer and two ABs. The bosun was in charge of the davit winch and the Chief Officer was monitoring from the deck. The Master was monitoring from the bridge.

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When discussing the case, please consider that the actions taken at the time made sense for all involved. Do not only judge, but also ask why you think these actions were taken, and could this happen on your vessel?