Göteborg: 4 November 2022

MSS Case November: Faulty propeller caused vessel to strike the quay and crane

Photo of pipes onboardThe container vessel had finished its cargo operation and the pilot had boarded. Two tugs would assist the vessel during departure. It was a clear summer day with no strong winds or currents.

The two tugs pulled the vessel clear of the berth and the propeller pitch was then set to Stop (Zero). Both tugs were cast off. The pilot ordered dead slow ahead. However, when the Master set the propeller pitch control to dead slow ahead, the main engine stopped. The Master called the engine control room to find out why the main engine had stopped and requested the main engine be restarted.

Shortly afterwards the main engine started. However, the vessel immediately started to move astern. The Master called the engine room again and asked for the main engine to be stopped. It was discovered that the propeller pitch was now at full astern.

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