Göteborg: 20 July 2021

Engine damage: Breakdown of diesel generators due to carelessness

Case Study 2 from our Engine Damage publication

Commentary: Chief Engineer
Vessel: 4,000 TEU container
Engine type: NSD 7RT-flex96C, Aux engines 3x MAN B&W 8L27/38
Repair cost: USD 160,000

“We were en route from Mersin to Gioia Tauro in Italy, loaded with 3,098 TEU of general cargo in containers. 15 of these units were reefer containers, and the ship had an average power load ranging from 600 to 1080 kW.

A few days into the voyage, the no. 2 diesel generator stopped working, and the crankcase safety valves automatically released. When we inspected it, we suspected this was due to low lubricating oil pressure caused by a faulty lubricating oil pump, but we weren’t entirely sure.

It turns out that there was major damage to the engine, but we didn’t investigate it further, nor did we consider the cause for the damage at this time. The engine remained out of service, and so the no. 1 & no. 3 diesel generator took over the power load of the vessel.

Read the full case with Viewpoint from Peter Stålberg, Senior Technical Advisor at the Club and Lessons learned in our publication Engine Damage.

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