Göteborg: 25 November 2021

Cargo in focus: Bauxite

Cargo advice on bauxite cover picIn collaboration with Nicholas Woo (Partner, Birketts LLP) and Dr Chris Menkiti (Senior Partner, Geotechnical Consulting Group - GCG), The Swedish Club has produced cargo advice to assist our members in the daily operation of their vessels.

This month, we wish to highlight the bauxite cargo advice. The IMO, in CCC.1/Circ.2/Rev.1 dated 20 September 2017, introduced a new category of bauxite cargo, known as ‘bauxite fines’ in Group A of the IMSBC  Code. Bauxite fines are a particular type of fine-particulate bauxite that are liable to liquefy or experience dynamic separation.

The recommendations in CCC.1/Circ.2/Rev 1 were adopted as IMO Resolution MSC.462(101) and came into force on 1 January 2021.

Since that resolution, there appears to have still been a number of incidents of loading and shipment of bauxite cargoes, which may have liquefied or exhibited dynamic separation during the voyage

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