Göteborg: 28 December 2021

The extra eyes on board: AI powered marine collision avoidance

The Swedish Club’s analysis shows that about 80 per cent of all vessel collisions take place in water which would be defined as congested, such as approaching port, in the anchorage, in coastal waters, in canals and rivers, or in traffic separation scheme areas.

The most immediate cause of a collision is lack of situational awareness – or, to put it another way, the bridge officer is not fully aware of what is happening around a vessel and is not aware of the consequences of what he does, whether action or inaction. So what are the solutions to this ongoing problem?

AI (artificial intelligence) is increasingly being used to prevent collisions and enhance fleet safety. A leader in this field is Orca AI. Founded in 2018, its team brought together marine and technical experience to develop a system that uses AI technology and machine learning to increase situational awareness at sea.

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