Göteborg: 12 January 2022

ESG and the life cycle of a ship

The Swedish Club introduces the first in a series of articles exploring environmental considerations throughout the lifetime of a ship. In this first instalment we take an overview: from financing the vessel, to its last days in the recycling yard.

In shipping, like many other industries, an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) orientated analysis of business is driving change in multiple areas. If entities are to stay abreast of the market, to meet customer demands and to comply with regulations, they need to think more widely than ever before. In relation to the ship, this often means considering the whole life cycle of the asset and recognising that ESG considerations apply at every life stage.

- Stage one: Before build

- Stage two: While the ship is operational

- Stage three: End of life

Read the full article in Triton no 3-2021»

The article is written by Beth Bradley, Rachel Hoyland, Trudie Protopapas and Diana Syziu of Hill Dickinson.