Göteborg: 6 May 2022

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In this issue of Triton No 1-2022, we cover many interesting topics, such as:

Liquefaction - no excuses. Liquefaction can be sudden, and it can lead to devastating loss of life. But it can also be prevented. More needs to be done, says Ed Wroe, Technical Manager at INTERCARGO.

Supporting our members through sanctions. No one needs reminding of the sanctions story in 2022. Sweeping sanctions against Russia in response to the war in Ukraine were introduced with scarcely any warning or time for shipowners to prepare or adjust operations.

A deep dive into the causes of lubrication failure. It is well known that lubrication oil related failure is the most common cause of main engine damage and a major contributing factor to auxiliary engine breakdowns. Read the Club's investigation into engine damage claims.

Gold sponsors of the Donsö Shipping Meet 2022. What the Donsö Shipping Meet achieves for the industry and for the environment, as well as for Gothenburg itself, is very close to our heart.

Customs fines for cargo shortages.
 Customs authorities around the world often issue fines for short/excessive discharge of cargo. The reason for this is often to compensate the government's loss of customs revenue.

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