Göteborg: 30 May 2022

The Swedish Club is delighted to once again support the Donsö Shipping Meet

As we celebrate our 150th anniversary, we remember the relationships that we have built up with members and business colleagues over that time. 

Undoubtedly, when the Club's founders were considering the implications of the transition away from sail, people on Donsö shared in those discussions and directed Swedish shipping towards a future of steam and steel. The Swedish Club is now a truly global organisation, and Donsö is reaching out to the world as well through its shipowners and the unique event that is the Donsö Shipping Meet.

Moving away from the pandemic years that have so defined us, we hope to be able to use our 150th anniversary to look confidently to the future. This is a future where we are committed to sustainability and innovation, supporting our members, and to continue play a role at the centre of the international shipping community.

Donsö Shipping Meet

Lorraine M. Hager, Loss Prevention & Marketing Advisor and Peter Stålberg, Senior Technical Advisor, will be on stage 14 June, 14.00 to present: "Loss Prevention - A proactive approach to clean oceans". 

Lorraine M Hager  Peter Stålberg