Göteborg: 27 February 2023

Protecting fragile cargoes - preventing refrigerated container claims

The Club has launched a loss prevention publication, Container focus: Refrigerated cargo analysis. The report looks at more than 300 cargo claims on container vessels which have occurred over the last five years, and investigates the story behind the refrigerated (reefer) container claims.

The Club advises how to avoid the risk of claims through loss prevention advice and by sharing a series of real life case studies which shine a light on common mistakes made when dealing with reefer containers on board ship.

Joakim Enström, Senior Loss Prevention Officer at the Club and author of the report explains: “Issues with reefer containers are the main overall cause of all container claims, and yet in many cases this damage can be prevented through following good practice. We have also seen problems that are not directly due to the actions of the crew, and so we provide advice to help shipowners protect themselves from circumstances that are out of their control.”

Read the full article in Triton no 3 2022

Container focus: Refrigerated cargo analysis publication for download