Göteborg: 12 May 2023

Knowledge sharing at the Club's Marine Insurance Course 2023

This week, we were excited to welcome our members and business partners to the Marine Insurance Course (MIC) in Gothenburg. Nearly 40 members from 13 countries joined us during the 4-day course, contributing to interesting discussions and knowledge sharing.

Two of our members share their thoughts about the course: 

Ziva LS, Contracts Claims and Recoveries Manager, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services.
"It's been a great opportunity for me to get reminded of so many things about marine insurance, even though I have been in the industry for 15 years. I think the workshops we are doing are excellent and provide an opportunity to apply and implement the discussions we had the previous days. It is wonderful to meet other people from the industry and connect."

Captain Parani VS, Tufton Marine Ltd.
"The Marine Insurance Course here in Gothenburg is a great experience. We do deep dives into the practical aspects of Marine insurance and understanding the nuances of handling insurance claims. It's a wonderful opportunity to meet The Swedish Club Marine insurance team, but also the other participants who come from diverse backgrounds and experiences."