Machinery claims are the most common claim type under H&M representing over 50% of all claims and 40% of costs. Below are some of the major causes, recurring issues and findings.

Stern tubes

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Auxilliary Engine Damage

Auxilary Engine Damage report TSCFor more detailed information please read our complete publication, ‘Auxiliary engine damage’. Auxiliary engines run at high revolutions and have a common lubrication system for both cylinder and crank case lubrication. Auxiliary engines are not covered by the same strict regime from the classification society as main engines and maintenance is often carried out by the vessel crew.

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Major causes of damage

Time between overhaul (TBO)
The Club found that a majority of the casualties, 55%, occur within only 10% of the TBO, corresponding to the first 1,000 hours or so of operation after overhaul. In most cases, the damage occurs only a few hours after start up. The TBO of an auxiliary engine is normally between 12,000-16,000 hours.

Reviewing our records we note that the common factor for these occurrences in most cases is the incorrect assembly of vital engine parts in connection with regular overhaul. In particular, the assembly of connecting rods, bearings and pistons causes severe and costly accidents.

How to avoid auxiliary engine damage

Main engine damage

Main Engine DamageThe Swedish Club’s ‘Main engine damage’ report examines main engine damage claims in detail - specifically frequency, vessel type, engine manufacturers, engine speed, damaged parts and cause of damage. Please read the complete report for more information.

The publication also includes loss prevention advice from the major engine manufacturers, MAN Engines and Wärtsilä.

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Major findings

How to avoid main engine damage
Prevention of damage is naturally preferable to cure. A first step to avoiding damage is to have a wellimplemented and proper management system. This implementation can only be assured with proper training and education for the crew and providing them with the essential knowledge and experience required for ordinary daily work and maintenance according to company procedures.


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