The Monthly Safety Scenario (MSS) is a Loss Prevention initiative to assist members in their efforts to comply with international safety regulations and to follow best practice.

The Club is publishing, on a monthly basis, a new Monthly Safety Scenario (MSS) to assist owners in their efforts of complying with the above regulations. Alternative scenarios will be uploaded in SCOL. It is easy to download the MSS and enter the written conclusions from the meeting and send feedback to the shore-based organisation.

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MSS Case January - Serious injury during inspection

Engineers during inspection onboardIt was morning, the weather was good with a northerly wind, force 3-4 Beaufort.

A vessel was proceeding in calm seas at 14 knots. During the ten o’clock coffee break, the Chief Engineer informed the First Engineer that the ballast pump, which had been out of commission for some time, needed to be repaired before they arrived at the next port on the following evening. The First Engineer said he would inspect the pump after the break, with assistance from the Third Engineer and an oiler.

The previous day, the pump had been moved to the engine workshop and an oiler had removed the nuts on the pump case. The engineers were wearing safety shoes, gloves, boiler suits and helmets when they started to dismantle the pump. No work permit or risk assessment had been completed or checked before the job commenced. The engineers decided that this was a routine job that required neither a work permit nor risk assessment.

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Under the ISM requirement, owners are obliged to carry out monthly safety meetings or safety committee meetings onboard their vessels. This obligation stems from Chapter 5 of the ISM Code: “Master’s responsibility and authority” and furthermore from “5.1.2, motivating the crew in the observation of that policy”.

The obligation can also be derived from the Code of “Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen”, where it is stated that the safety committee should meet regularly: “3.13.2, The frequency of meetings will be determined by circumstances but as a general guideline, the committee should meet about every 4-6 weeks”.

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