The Club’s Benchmarking programme enables members to compare their own claims records and patterns with their fellow members.

The first step of the programme is to help members identify the areas where their costs and claims’ frequency are disproportionally high, as well as their strong areas, through benchmarking. With this deeper insight into claims performance compared to others, members will be motivated to focus on the areas where major improvements could possibly be made.

The benchmarking analysis is only done using the same or similar types of vessels. Since reliable analyses require a large amount of data, these analyses are primarily carried out for members operating types of vessels  that make up a majority of the Club’s portfolio.

The ultimate aim with the Benchmarking programme, similar to all of the Club’s loss prevention programmes, is to reduce the frequency and costs of claims and sharpen the member’s competitive edge.

This programme is carried out on a strictly confidential basis. No names are disclosed in the process.

For further information, please contact:

Ellinor Borén
Claims & Loss Prevention Controller
Tel: +46 31 638 449