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Welcome to join our webinars, where we will present and discuss various topics of interest for the shipping community.

Please see the schedule below for the upcoming webinars. If you have any requests for other specific subjects, please contact 

Upcoming webinars

We will return after the summer with more information about our upcoming webinars.

Previous webinars

May 2021 – Preventing engine failure (53 minutes)

May 2021 - TELP 2.0 (33 minutes)

February 2021 - Transporting cargo: Managing the risks (1 hour 28 minutes)

January 2021 - Navigational claims - How to avoid major pitfalls (49 minutes)

November 2020 - Navigating sanctions due diligence an overview of best practice (1 hour 2 minutes)

September 2020 - Proactive and Reliable Loss Prevention (48 minutes)

June 2020 - Trade Enable Loss Prevention (TELP) introduction (18 minutes)