The entry survey often provides the first opportunity for technical personnel of The Swedish Club to meet the owners' superintendents and other operational staff on board the vessel.

The entry survey offers an opportunity to judge the general and structural condition of the vessel, together with the competence of the crew and their capabilities in managing safety and environmental issues. We pay great attention to the human factors and safety culture, looking at, inter alia, the frequency and thoroughness of safety routines and shipboard emergency drills. Another vital consideration is the relationship between ship and shore staff and the quality of communication between fleet and shore personnel.

When a vessel is trading at the time of attachment, and if the Club considers it necessary to conduct an entry survey, the Club will ask the prospective member to provide details of the vessel's itinerary, to ensure that a survey is carried out as soon as possible. An experienced staff surveyor will normally conduct the entry survey. An external surveyor may be appointed, according to availability. Every effort is made to avoid any interference with the vessel's schedule.

On completion of the entry survey, the surveyor will discuss his findings with the Master, Chief Engineer and, if possible, the owner's superintendent. In the event of deficiencies, recommendations will be made in writing, with a copy handed to the Master. Typically, such recommendations concern matters that are easily rectified. Should recommendations require significant remedial action, we have a firm policy to follow-up and re-inspect.

In general, the extent and features of an entry survey and a condition survey are very much the same. The difference is that an entry survey is carried out upon entry of a vessel into the Club and a condition survey is made at a later stage to ensure continuous high standards of both vessel and personnel.

In order to save valuable time during an entry/condition survey, the Club asks that the Master of the vessel is given adequate notice of the time and venue for the inspection. Where appropriate, the preparations for survey might include:

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