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Monthly Safety Scenario (MSS)
Wreck Removal Convention
Fire & Explosion
Contact damages
Passenger Liability Regulation (PLR)
Maritime Labour Convention
Other vessel types
Our Team
Loss Prevention
Protecting fragile cargoes - preventing refrigerated container claims
Container losses: The Swedish Club identifies the catalysts
MSS Case May: Oil spill while bunkering
Cargo wet damage on bulk carriers – a recurring problem
Corrosion of distance piece on SOx scrubber discharge water line
Focus: Main engine damage
The Mississippi River – anchoring issues
Contact incidents - causes and cases
MSS Case March: Unfinished arrival checklist led to severe damage
Focus: Engine room fires
Focus: Collisions
New Guidelines for the Carriage of Seed Cake in Containers published
Focus: Loss of anchor
MSS Case January: Lack of cooperation lead to grounding
Focus: Fumigation
Focus: Piracy attacks
MSS Case November: Poorly planned maintenance led to engine room flooding
Fire risks: Cargo hold lights
Fire risks: Hot work and smoking
MSS Case October: Serious injury during mooring operation
Routine job caused grounding
Case study: Workplace accident in cargo hold
Focus: Cargo hatch covers
Fire risks when shipping vehicles and refrigeration units
MSS Case August: Containers lost in heavy weather
Press Release - The Swedish Club starts a Loss Prevention revolution
MSS Case July: Technician fell off pilot ladder and drowned
The importance of equipment tests: Rapid change of berth ended with damaged vessel
MSS Case June: Stowaways in the steering gear trunk
Focus: Charcoal fires
Focus: Wet damage on cargo
Cargo fires – the problem with self-heating
MSS Case May: Accident during Man Overboard drill
CINS - a loss prevention initiative to benefit the entire industry
Loss prevention saves lives, protects the environment and delivers onboard efficiencies
The Swedish Club puts root cause of incidents into focus
New report from The Swedish Club shines light on vessel claims
MARS Report April
Monthly Web News April
DNV GL, Gard and The Swedish Club work together to help reduce anchor losses

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