Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ: Prospective Training Providers

1. Does our company qualify for the MRM Licence?

The Maritime Resource Management (MRM) is open to any interested client who has safety, efficiency, and job satisfaction as their main priorities. Our licensed training providers are a good mix of companies/institutions with pro-active safety culture composed of maritime universities and training centres, ship owners and ship managers, manning agencies, pilot associations, and seafarer associations. 

2What is the process of obtaining an MRM Licence?

MRM Licensing Procedure: 
• Contact is made with The Swedish Club Academy AB
• Draft license agreement is sent to the applicant
• Applicant is willing and able to meet the requirements of the agreement
• Final approval of the applicant
• Signing of the licence agreement
• Training of MRM facilitator(s)
• Delivery of course material, providing access to the MRM course web
• Issuing of MRM Certificate of Authorisation

3. How long is the license valid?

The license for MRM training providers is valid for one year and thereafter needs to be renewed annually.

4. What happens when our license expires?

Your online MRM course web account will be closed which means you will not have access to the MRM materials and will not be able to offer the MRM course to your clients.

5. Are certificates issued after the training?

Certificates are issued by the training providers to their clients who participate in the MRM course. There is a uniform format (for all the authorized training providers) which is issued by both TSC Academy and the issuing training provider with the training provider’s logo on the certificate.

6. Does MRM cover both BRM/ERM?

Yes, the STCW requirements for BRM and ERM are almost identical. In short the STCW requirements for BRM and ERM are related to “Situation Awareness”, “Effective Communication” and “Assertiveness”, which are all covered in the MRM course. MRM is a further development of the original BRM training, which deals with the non-technical side of both BRM and ERM. The MRM course focuses not only on knowledge and skills related to human factors but most importantly on establishing the right attitudes towards all operations and components in the system.

7. Does MRM comply with the requirements from STCW?

The MRM course meets the requirements laid down in the IMO International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978, as amended by the Manila Amendments, in the following areas:

• Table A-II/1 (Bridge resource management and application of leadership and teamworking skills)
• Table A-II/2 (Use of leadership and managerial skills)
• Table A-III/1 (Engine-room resource management and application of leadership and teamworking skills)
• Table A-III/2 (Use of leadership and managerial skills)
The MRM course meets and exceeds the STCW requirements for BRM and ERM and has been certified by the Maritime Department of the Swedish Transport Agency in this respect.

FAQ: Prospective MRM Facilitators

1. What are the requirements for becoming a Certified Facilitator?

• Interest in training others
• Working at a company or an institution that is an authorised MRM training provider.

2. How long does it take to become a Certified Facilitator? 

The MRM Train the Trainer course is a one-day theoretical training course.

3. Where can I attend an MRM Train the Trainer course?

The course is held at different locations depending on the demand. In the past, they've been at companies who have requested the courses and who have volunteered to become the host for the event. We also conduct the training at The Swedish Club Academy in Gothenburg. All upcoming MRM Train the Trainer courses are published on our website and also announcements are sent through e-mail. You may also contact us for inquiries. 

4. What if I can't attend any of the suggested dates or venues for the MRM Train the Trainer course?

No problem. We have an MRM Facilitator Training Online for those who can not find a suitable date at the time of interest. The online training is intended to offer another alternative in case you are not able to attend in person due to busy schedules. We still recommend, however, that you attend one of our MRM events or User Seminars when you find the time. 

5. How much does the training cost?

The course fee is USD 500. The fee includes the programme, presentation handouts in electronic format, certification, an individual account for the MRM course web, coffee/tea breaks, and lunch. Access to the MRM course web will be provided and a Facilitator Certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course. The fee for the MRM Facilitator Training Online is USD 500.

6. How long is the MRM Facilitator Certificate valid?

The certificate is valid for a lifetime. However, it is recommended that one undergoes refresher courses from time to time in order to be updated with the current issues and trends.

7. Are there any other obligations in order to maintain the qualification as Facilitator?

As mentioned, it is highly recommended that all Certified Facilitators attend refresher courses at regular intervals, and those completing the MRM Facilitator Course Online attend an event at some point. 

8. What happens if I move to another company or institution, will I still be able to conduct MRM training to interested students?

Yes but only under one condition and that being that your new employer is a licensed training provider. Your MRM course web account is connected to the authorised training provider and therefore all the materials including the Certificate of Attendance have the company’s logo. Kindly inform us when moving to another company for further updates.

9. What is the difference between MRM Train the Trainer and MRM User Seminar?

MRM Train the Trainer courses are for those who want to become a certified facilitator and hold MRM courses for their staff and crew. MRM User Seminar is for already certified facilitators so they can meet and share experiences/ideas regarding MRM and safety. 



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