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We are The Swedish Club


For 150 years, The Swedish Club has been committed to a strategy based on prudent pricing, long-term relationships and effective risk management.

The Club has always been flexible, innovative, and a pioneer in providing comprehensive “all-in-one” insurance solutions and proactive loss prevention expertise.

Today, we deliver on our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibilities through the quality of our people, the way we do business and the trust shown in us by our members and business partners.

We have our members’ best interests at heart at all times, always have done and always will. Our core values continue to guide us in everything we do.

The Club’s core values


  • We are proactive in our approach
  • We respond in a forward-thinking way and focus on cost-effective solutions


  • We are reliable in our values
  • Through honesty and fair treatment, we gain confidence and secure continuity.


  • We are committed to everything we do
  • We build and develop relationships of mutual benefit
  • Our service is based on respect and professionalism