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FD&D Insurance

Please note: This is a general description. For full conditions, premiums, subjects, and warranties, please contact your team Underwriter.

Freight Demurrage & Defence (FD&D) insurance

Freight Demurrage & Defence (FD&D) insurance is a legal costs insurance which will provide legal assistance in case of disputes not covered by any other class of insurance. The Club’s FD&D cover is generally provided in conjunction with P&I insurance and constitutes an important insurance supplement to the member in case of a legal dispute.

The insured member can obtain legal support and cover for legal costs up to USD 5 million, alternatively USD 10 million, in relation to disputes arising from owning and operating a vessel that falls outside other insurance covers.

Who can be covered?

Any owner or charterer member who has P&I insurance.


USD 5 million, alternatively USD 10 million, legal and associated costs for any one dispute. Higher limits on request. There is no cover in relation to disputes worth less than USD 7.500.


USD 12.000 and 25% on costs above USD 250.000.

Important exclusions

  • Insurance is discretionary. This means that justified costs alone will be incurred, weighing up the amount in dispute and the merits and prospects of successfully pursuing/defending the claim.
  • Newbuilding – special FD&D insurance is required.
  • Sale & Purchase – special FD&D insurance is required.

FD&D Sale and Purchase and Newbuilding Insurance

These are extensions of the ordinary FD&D legal cost insurance offered to owner members. They relate to disputes arising from the sale and purchase of a vessel and newbuildings, respectively.

When a member sells or buys a vessel, disputes can arise on, at or following delivery. FD&D Sale and Purchase Insurance ensures that members will be indemnified for legal expenses and associated costs where Sale and Purchase cover has been purchased from the signing of the MoA.

Likewise, when a member places an order for a new vessel, disputes may arise before the newbuilding has been delivered. A member having a new vessel built which is to be entered in The Swedish Club for P&I and FD&D risks can purchase cover during the construction period.

FD&D New building Insurance cover ensures that the member will be indemnified for legal expenses and associated costs incurred in bringing or defending claims relating to the newbuilding.

Who can be covered?



The standard limit is up to USD one million per event (higher limits on request).


To be discussed with your team Underwriter.