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Instructions Damage Surveys – Marine

Survey terms

A formal appointment of a surveyor should always come from The Swedish Club before a survey is performed on the Club´s behalf. Prior to accepting the appointment, the Club shall immediately be informed of any conflict of interest. Once the appointment has been confirmed, the surveyor´s name and contact details shall be shared with the Club.

As The Swedish Club is the principal, all survey findings shall first and foremost be communicated directly to the Club. The surveyor shall thereby not discuss the cause allegation or apportionment of liability with any third party unless approved by the Club, since it may prejudice the position of the Club and its Members.

The surveyor shall always present information in an objective and professional manner, to thereby ensure a fair and correct insurance settlement.

The purpose of the survey is to collect facts and determine the sequence of events in accordance with the survey instructions given.

Following the Club´s explicit instructions a surveyor may assist in supervising repair work, identifying possible courses of action, obtaining tenders (see “Invitation to tender” – below), reviewing invoices and participating in the final invoice discussions with third parties.

The surveyor may not incur expenses, provide security, or admit liability on behalf of the Club without first seeking the Club´s approval to do so.

Normally, the extent of the survey should be such that no more than one full day of attendance is required. If for some reason, the surveyor considers that more time is required, the Club should be contacted for approval before proceeding.

It is essential that the surveyor establishes good cooperation with the Owner’s representative during the survey and that access is given to all relevant documents and physical evidence. If the Owner’s representative in any way hinders the surveyor from performing the survey or related duties, the Club must be informed immediately.

Reporting format

A preliminary report outlining the incident and the extent of the damage, preferably with an estimate of the repair costs and repair time, shall be forwarded to the Club within two days of the survey. In case further attendance is deemed necessary, an estimate of the time required, or a proposed attendance schedule shall be included.

In addition to the preliminary report, the surveyor shall also comment on the general condition of the vessel (see “Vessel Condition Statement” – below). That document is to be sent separately to the Club and shall be based on observations made during the ordinary course of the survey, so, no additional attendance should be required.

A final report is to be forwarded to the Club no later than 30 days after the last attendance and/or the completion of repairs. The Club is to be advised if the final report cannot be completed within the given time. Any missing information required by the surveyor to complete the report shall be clearly specified.

The Swedish Club template shall be used for reporting purposes (see “Damage Report” – below). It is applicable to both H&M and LOH. Always quote The Swedish Club claims reference number, vessel name and casualty title in all reports and correspondence.

Survey invoice

A complete invoice for the survey services provided, including a breakdown of costs, is to be forwarded together with the survey report.

For VAT purposes, the invoice shall be addressed as per the following:

[Name of assured/other party as instructed by Member]

[Address of assured/other party as instructed by Member]


The Swedish Club
Gullbergs Strandgata 6
P.O Box 171

SE-401 22 Gothenburg


If a VAT number or other tax registration number is required, this should be the number of the party addressed in the invoice. The VAT number of The Swedish Club is not to be stated unless this has been explicitly agreed on by the Club.

Special Considerations

For specific casualty situations, please refer to the below-listed instructions and information documents.

For more info, please contact: