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Trade Enabling Loss Prevention (TELP)

The Swedish Club's Trade Enabling Loss Prevention (TELP) programme is a free service for our Club members aimed at increasing safety awareness in specific areas and ports worldwide.

How to sign up - Members only

If you are a Swedish Club member and want to sign up, please login to your SCOL account or contact our Loss Prevention team at

What is TELP?

The Swedish Club’s TELP tool combines technology with years of claims experience, helping vessels safely chart their way through high-risk areas around the globe.

With many thousands of ports and waterways to navigate, often varying from voyage to voyage, it is not easy for a Master to be aware of all potential high-risk areas. A port known for difficulties with pilotage or towage: a centre for unfounded claims or dubious charges; or an approach channel with navigational challenges – any of these ‘hotspots’ could be encountered during what should be an uneventful journey.

By tracking our insured vessels’ AIS signals, we identify vessels bound for an area of particular risk and provide them with a timely and tailored loss prevention advice relevant for that destination. TELP sends out the advice a few days prior to the vessel’s arrival enabling the crew to include and discuss it in their pre-arrival planning.

As a TELP member your vessels will receive four types of advice:

Claim alert

Example of a claim alertOur Claim alerts are based on the The Swedish Club’s claims statistics. By comparing where claims occur with our members’ trading pattern, we have identified areas around the world where the risk of suffering a claim is higher than the world average. The Claim alert includes loss prevention advice based on the Club’s experience dealing with claims in the area. It also includes information on the particular risk provided by our correspondent. 

Correspondent’s advice

Example of a correspondent's adviceOur global network of correspondents provides information on local conditions relevant to the daily operation of a vessel. It can be information on health issues, disruptions in a port's cargo handling or specific navigational warnings. TELP enables us to automatically share this essential information with our TELP members through the Correspondent’s advice.  

Piracy alert

Example of a piracy alertThe Piracy alert contains the weekly status report issued by the Piracy Reporting Centre of International Maritime Bureau (IMB). They report on the last week’s activities in terms of piracy, robbery and similar. The alert serves as a heads up to the vessels operating in the listed areas and urge them to stay extra alerted.  

Bunker alert

Example of a bunker alertBad bunker is a common cause of engine failures. Our Bunker alerts help members to avoid bunkering off-specification fuel. The Swedish Club has partnered with Veritas Petroleum Services (VPS). As soon as VPS gets an indication that bad bunkers are being supplied in a certain port, we alert our TELP vessels heading for that area.  

As a Swedish Club member, you have access to all active TELP advices on Swedish Club Online (SCOL). 


Further information

 Watch our latest TELP webinar


TELP brochure"Getting information on board that is specific to the trading area will sharpen the eyes of the crew. TELP is a very good idea that we are sure will reduce claims.”
Sebastian Völchner, NSC Shipping GmbH & Cie. KG

“Once again, The Swedish Club is at the forefront in converging modern technology to meet the needs of the shipping fraternity.”
Neelakantan Vasudevan, Precious Shipping

Download the TELP brochure


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