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At the Swedish Club, we do our utmost to understand our members’ and clients’ business and their insurance needs. We look upon every member and client as being unique. We adapt our products to current market needs, and we strive for continuous product enhancement through innovation and digitalisation.

A potential member looking for suitable P&I or marine covers with the Swedish Club would/should usually contact an underwriter at any of our local offices.

Risk selection and pricing

The Swedish Club will do a full risk assessment of the risks in question, including sanctions and know-your-client review, and if found in order, the Club will calculate adequate premiums and offer terms to cover the risks.

Well-functioning risk assessment, selection and fair pricing of risks are important processes to cater for a financially stable and strong mutual insurer. The Swedish Club do pre-entry surveys for new member and conditions surveys on existing tonnage when there is a need to do so.

Local offices

The Swedish Club’s member and business partners will normally contact their local office and underwriters concerning all insurance matters relating to underwriting. Most Club offices have local underwriting authority. Common guidelines concerning pricing, conditions and authority level ensure a common business approach and service level throughout The Club.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Swedish Club underwriter for more information.