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Cargo ship leaving port

Team Greece

The Swedish Club has been present in Greece since 1980, and the full-service office has dedicated staff serving the needs of the markets in Greece, Italy, and the Middle East. Our members make up an international community of front-rank shipowners, who believe that quality comes first. 

For information and guidance, please note that our company relocated 24 April 2023 to our new offices in P. Faliron.

Our new address is:

Γ. Όροφο, Κτίριο Κ4
Συγκροτήματος ΙΙ
Μοραΐτίνη 4 κ’ Εθ. Μακαρίου
Φαληρικό Δέλτα
Παλαιό Φάληρο 175 61

3rd Floor, Building 4
Complex II,
4 Moraitini & Eth. Makariou Street,
Paleo Faliro 175 61

Org. No.: 557206-5265

All telephone numbers and email addresses remain the same.