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Cargo ship loaded with containers close to coast

Circulars – Marine – No: 444/2023

War Risk Insurance – Notice of Cancellation

Reference is made to the War Risk Circular 443/2023 with the terms for War Risk Insurance in place for existing War Risk Members.

The Association hereby gives notice of cancellation as per relevant Notice of Cancellation Clause for List of Areas of Perceived Enhanced Risk (“Listed Areas”) with effect from 00:01 hours GMT 5 January 2024.

List of Areas of Perceived Enhanced Risk as of 5 January 2024»

The cover is from that time reinstated with the following changes:
– New additions and amendments to the List of Areas of Perceived Enhanced Risk (“Listed Areas”)

The following area is added:

South America

  • Guyana, but only calls to offshore installations in the Guyanese EEZ beyond territorial waters

The following area is amended: Amendments highlighted below in red.

Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden and Southern Red Sea

The waters enclosed by the following boundaries:

  1. on the northwest, by the Red Sea, south of Latitude 18°N
  2. on the northeast, from the Yemen border at 16°38.5’N, 53°6.5’E to high seas point 14°55’N, 53°50’E
  3. on the east, by a line from high seas point 14°55’N, 53°50’E to high seas point 10°48’N, 60°15’E, thence to high seas point 6°45’S, 48°45’E
  4. and on the southwest, by the Somalia border at 1°40’S, 41°34’E, to high seas point 6°45’S, 48°45’E
    excepting coastal waters of adjoining territories up to 12 nautical miles offshore unless otherwise provided.


  • Eritrea, but only South of 18° N

Cabo Delgado

The territorial sea of Mozambique and Tanzania enclosed by the following boundaries: 

  1. To the north, from Mnazi Bay at 10°19.6’S, 40°18.9’E to high seas point at 10°10.3′ S, 40°34.44′ E
  2. To the south, from Baía do Lúrio at 13°30’S, 40°31.6’E to high seas point 13°29.97′ S, 40°49.7′ E.

 All other clauses and conditions in the war cover provided by the Association remain unaltered.

 For any questions or more information, please contact:
Jakob Osvald, Senior Manager Underwriting