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Cargo ship loaded with containers close to coast

Advice, Loss Prevention

Focus: Collisions

Our Loss Prevention team has examined collisions across a range of vessels. In many of the collision cases that are handled, a number of recurring issues can be noticed.

About 70% of all collisions occur in congested waters. We define these as those encountered when departing or approaching the port, or navigating in the port, canal, river or by an anchorage. If we also include coastal waters, this figure increases to about 80%.

When navigating in congested waters, the bridge team should be reinforced by the Master or another officer and sometimes an extra lookout. This is to ensure that not only one person is making the decisions in a high-risk area. This should be defined in the company’s navigation policy. It’s also important that the OOW calls the Master for extra support if the traffic increases or visibility decreases.

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By highlighting the causes of collisions we are striving to assist shipowners and crews in their safety work.