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Cargo ship loaded with containers close to coast

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Gulf of Guinea hot spot in latest IMB Piracy report

Maritime piracy incidents down in Q3 but Gulf of Guinea remains a hot spot according to the International Maritime Bureau, IMB. Noteworthy Somalia has no piracy-related incidents recorded for the first nine months of 2019 even though threats remain.

Except from the piracy report the IMB newsletter also includes a case where nearly 15 000 pairs of fake sneakers from a famous brand was confiscated in the Port of Los Angeles by US Customs. The shoes were valued at USD 2,2 million if authentic. This and other fraud and sanction cases are included in the latest IMB confidential bulletin.

The Swedish Club members can access the IMB Confidential Bulletin 20/2019 through the SCOL website » (The Swedish Club Online member area).

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