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Cargo ship loaded with containers close to coast

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Latest on the port situation in Israel


We have received the following updates from our local correspondent Harpaz P&I, on the current port situation in Israel. As indicated in our prior communication, we highly advise you to contact local agents for the latest guidance if your vessel is involved in trade with Israel.

16 October 2023


Following our latest messages on the above matter, hereunder an update for port situation in Israel for 16.10.23

The port of Ashdod remains operating as usual ( the current restriction on vessel’s carrying Hazardous Materials (“HAZMAT”) still valid).

The port of Haifa which also include the Haifa Bay port and Israel shipyard port remain operating as usual.

The port of Ashkelon – Vessels at this port discharge cargo only whilst moored at sea buoys , this port is still not operating as usual and decision to moored vessel is taken basis the security situation which can be changed any day.

This weekend one vessel discharged her cargo and another two ship are schedule to start discharge soon.

The port of Hadera remains operating as usual.

The port of Eilat remains operating as usual.

Attached, please find my free translation (google translate) to a message issued by the Israeli ministry of transport on 15.10.23 ( in Hebrew ) I.E. new Instructions with regards to notices of arrival to be send by ships in a waiting area 18 nautical miles west of Haifa and Ashdod breakwater and not as before upon arrival the port’s pilot station as customary, in order to increase vessel’s safety at these ports.

Translation – Message by the Israeli Ministry of Transport


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