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Göteborg: 5 July 2016

Monthly Web News

In June 2016 we reported the following:


Update on the Maritime Labour Convention
22 June - The MLC entered into force on 20 August 2013. In April 2014 the International Labour Organisation (ILO) agreed several amendments to the MLC to implement the principles agreed back in 2009 by the joint IMO/ILO financial security working group. These amendments will enter into force on 18 January 2017. 

Warning: Ships may get stained by oil in the Maracaibo Lake, Venezuela
7 June - All concerning parties should be aware that the presence of oil leakages in Maracaibo Lake is a frequent issue. Most vessels transiting this area are subject to oil stains on the hulls with the subsequent loss of time due to the necessary cleaning arrangement.

Member Alerts

Guidelines - Mandatory container weight verification implementation
30 June - Due to the IMO requirement of container weight verification, that enters into force 1 July, 2016, we have compiled guidelines from various countries.

Gulf of Guinea - Update on piracy issues and an important anti-piracy development
17 June - An important announcement about the future of MTISC-GOG (Gulf of Guinea) and new FR/UK reporting centre.

Customs Authorities in Nikolaev sea port
17 June -  Our correspondent in Ukraine has repeatedly reported to the Principals and their Members on outrageous Customs’ “activities” in Nikolaev sea port. In particular their practice of imposing huge fines on foreign-flagged ships for failure to declare the ship’s stores and any goods on board. Unfortunately, this practice is not only still going on but it’s getting more frequent.

New Global Technical Helpdesk Network launched
16 June - Lloyds Register has expanded its client care and response capability with a global network of Technical Helpdesks.
The helpdesks provide an ‘always available’ support system and provide an efficient and local service for client technical queries.

Ivory Coast - fines for disembarking stowaways
15 June - It is brought to the attention of shipowners, ship’s agent and ship insurers that the 2 million (2 000 000) XOF fine (EUR 3000) per stowaway requested for disembarkation has been reduced to one million (1 000 000) XOF (EUR 1500) from the 15th of June 2016.

Updated - Panama canal maximum permissible draft reduction due to lack of rainfall
14 June - The max allowed transit draft is now increased to 11.89m (39ft 00int) TFW until further notice.

Custom fines at Bejaia
10 June - During the vessel call at the Algerian ports, Masters under the legal obligation to declare the cash to the customs authorities. Undeclared cash onboard is subject to confiscation of the cash and fine of 2 times the amount confiscated is imposed under the Law 96-22.

Tunisia - Guidelines on wheat and barley cargoes
9 June - TIPIC, our correspondent in Tunisia has provided us with some suggestions and contribution to engage discussions regarding wheat and barley cargoes.

A summary of sanctions in relation to Iran trading
8 June - An update on prohibited cargoes and activities and cargoes that require a license regarding the Iran sanctions.

Enhancing fire safety awareness
8 June - Many aspects which determine the fire risk in an engine room, such as insulation, screening and the routing of pipes, cannot be easily addressed in the design approval phase. Therefore, these aspects require adequate attention during the newbuilding construction phase. 

MSS Case June - Collision during port approach
1 June -  To help our members in their efforts of complying with the safety regulations the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code) and the Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen, we publish new Safety Scenarios once a month. 

Club News

Shipping Podcast: The future of transport and logistics
20 June - In this episode, you can hear Kate D Adamson talk about the future of transport and logistic in the shipping industry.

Kathi StanzelShipping Podcast: Strategies for independent tanker owners
7 June - Listen to tanker specific issues on the agenda and the foundation of the strategy for the independent tanker owners in the latest episode of Shipping Podcast.

MRM: Learning the art of the diplomatic challenge
2 June - One of the key focus areas of the Maritime Resource Management (MRM) training sessions carried out in Asia was the issue of authority and assertiveness.

Out and About

Swedish Club Academy in Naples and Genoa, 21-22 June
30 June - ALL Academy held a half-day Introduction to Maritime Resource Management in Genoa, Italy on 22 June and a smaller meeting the day before, on 21 June, in Naples. The participants were primarily composed of representatives from maritime academic institutions, shipping companies, law firms and insurance brokers.

AGM 2016: Networking opportunity in Gothenburg's archipelago on 17 June
24 June - An insight to building an M32 catamaran awaited the member and business partners who had signed up for the Friday trip.

AGM 2016: AGM Dinner, 16 June
23 June - Lars Rhodin welcomed all the guests to the traditional AGM dinner, which was held in the Banquet Hall at the Elite Park Avenue Hotel. The Guest of Honour, Anders Källsson of Erik Thun AB, gave the after-dinner speech, and of course the traditional menu remains.

AGM 2016: Members' Day, 16 June
22 June - What can be done when the damage is done – can you make a bad case better? The question were discussed from different perspectives at this year’s AGM.

AGM 2016: Partners' Programme, 16 June
21 June - The participant this year travelled back in time to learn more about how to influence the brain’s chemistry, structure and plasticity.

AGM 2016: The Swedish Club Mutual Cup, 15 June
20 June - Third win in a row for Team TSC in a thrilling game, which started the Annual General Meeting 2016.

The busy city of Piraeus welcomed runners from all over the world
7 June - The 5 km run was for a good cause as the proceeds from the race were donated to the Municipality of Piraeus and the Public Benefit Municipal Corporation of Piraeus.

The Swedish Club Academy hosts an MRM event in Gothenburg
2 June - The 11th MRM Train the Trainer event was held in Gothenburg in the end of May and next event is schedule in Turku, Finland on 9 August.

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